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Connectors and Adapters > Connectors and Adapters External PC Cables > SVGA External PC Cables > SVGA Cable

SVGA Cable

Use our line of high quality double shielded SVGA cables to attach your monitor. These cables are made with three 75-ohm 28 AWG coax and four twisted pair cable.
  • Thumbscrews for easy connecting
  • PVC jacket
  • Molded hoods
    UL2919, 75 ohm Mini coaxial x 3 + 2 twisted pairs (26 AWG) + 4 Conductors (26 AWG) + 24 AWG. Drain Wire Double Shielded with AL-Foil & braid PVC jacket & Molded
    PCM-2220-03B3 ft$10.99$5.99**
    PCM-2220-06B6 Ft$12.99$7.99**
    PCM-2220-10B10 ft$14.99$10.99**
    PCM-2220-03S3 ft$14.99$6.99Discontinued**
    PCM-2220-15B15 ft$19.99$12.99**
    PCM-2220-15S15 ft$24.99$17.99**
    PCM-2220-25B25 Ft$24.99$20.99**
    PCM-2220-25S25 ft$24.99$17.99**
    PCM-2220-10S10 Ft$24.99$9.99Discontinued**
    PCM-2220-50B50 ft$34.99$27.99**
    PCM-2220-75B75 ft$44.99$37.99**
    PCM-2220-50S50 Ft$49.99$44.99Discontinued**
    PCM-2220-75S75 ft$54.99$38.99Discontinued**
    PCM-2220-99B100 ft$54.99$49.99**
    PCM-2220-99S100 ft$79.99$56.99**
    Indicates Special Item

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