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Power Products > Power Products Cables > USA Cables > Power Cord Splitter 1ft Outlet Xtender extension cord splitter

Power Cord Splitter 1ft Outlet Xtender extension cord splitter

Power Cord Splitter 1ft Outlet Xtender extension cord splitter

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Power Cord Splitter 1ft Outlet Xtender extension cord splitter. Get full use of your power strips and UPS outlets with this premium cable. Just plug this cable between your bulky power adapter and an unused outlet. Designed with saving space in mind, this “Y” cable allows you to plug two adapters into a single outlet. power supply splitter.

Power Cord Splitter can also used for UPS and a few powerstrips in the house. They are great by providing more outlets. But with all the power adapters that runs most of the gadgets today, even one of those power adapters can cover 2 to 3 outlets which defeats the purpose of having a powerstrip. The liberator solves that problem. Also, some power adapters can be huge and heavy that its weight alone tends to loosen it from the wall, the liberator serves as a little extension to prevent it from loosening up. Loose connections are dangerous, it can produce sparks that not only can ruin your equipments but can even starts a fire. Countertop receptacles can also be problematic where they are awkwardly situated sideways.

    1' "Y" cable, CE rated, 1M to 2F

    This "Y" splitter, power cord allows you to easily and conveniently tap two devices into one outlet. Heavy duty 16AWG cable will handle just about any demanding 125V load up to 13amps. Provides more flexibility than a power strip and just the right amount of connections. Three prong design makes it safe for your grounded power connections.
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