Delivery Types of Shipping Method

List of Delivery Options currently available with Parts4pc and how long does delivery normally take?

The item typically arrives as per the below tables (includes 1 business day for warehouse processing)
Please call support if there is a delay in shipping.

(All delivery times are for US only & calculation based upon your order is placed before 4pm Monday to Friday you will be given the option to use the next working day facility for delivery. Deliveries made using this service will usually be made at any time -please call help desk for exact delivery time.)

* What happens to my order if I am not there to receive my parcel?

If there is no one to receive your parcel, whether it being delivered by any of the above a card will be posted through your door advising of a delivery attempt.

There will be a contact telephone number on there for your local branch. If you telephone the number on the card you will be able to re-book a delivery day, or arrange to pick the parcel up from the depot, please ping our support desk under such cases.