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Re-Certified Products > Re-Certified Products Audio Unlimited Factory Re-Certi > Wireless Speakers Audio Unlimited Factory Re-Certi > Factory Re-Certified Granite Wireless Rock Speaker (Rechargeable) with Dual Power Transmitter

Factory Re-Certified Granite Wireless Rock Speaker (Rechargeable) with Dual Power Transmitter

Factory Re-Certified Granite Wireless Rock Speaker (Rechargeable) with Dual Power Transmitter

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Enjoy the great outdoors with our 900 MHz wireless Rock speaker system that seamlessly blend into your landscaping allowing you to listen to music just about anywhere, without the hassle of running unsightly speaker wires. The powerful dual power transmitter uses 900 MHz technology to send music through walls and floors to the wireless speaker up to 150 feet away. The system transmitter supports all types audio inputs including RCA inputs for home theater receivers, MP3 players, computers, iPods, and iPhones.


    • Fully compatible with all Audio Unlimited 900MHz products 
    • Built in 12V rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of (unplugged) play time
    • Endless play time when rocks are plugged in
    • Dual Power Transmitter utilizes either AC power or batteries (take 4 AA batteries not included) for complete freedom from wires
    • Plug the dual power transmitter into the AUX OUT port on the back of the AV receiver, iPod clock/radio, etc to get music from both your wired speakers and Audio Unlimited wireless speaker
    • 2 channel selection for you to achieve the best possible performance.
    • Phase Loop Lock circuitry automatically locks in and keeps audio signal clear and strong.
    • Compact & portable with a stylized design (13H x 10W) - 5.25 PP cone w/rubber edge Woofer 2" Mylar cone Tweeter 15 Watt RMS Output 15V DC Transformer
    • Water resistant for outdoor listening
    • Speaker can be up to 150' away from audio source, without line of sight limitations
    • 900MHz transmitter sends audio signals without speaker wire
    • Add additional Audio Unlimited speaker to enhance your listening experience, cover large areas or create a multi-room sound system
    • iPod/iPhone not included

    The wireless speaker transmitter is designed to work with a wide variety of devices. Our tests have shown the default volume levels of iPods, iPhones, MP3 players and other devices connected to the transmitter through the headphone jack do not have the signal strength required by the transmitter. Raising the volume of your device will increase the signal strength to the transmitter. The signal LED will show a steady light when the required signal strength from your device is reached. We recommend that you keep the volume set on your iPod, iPhone, or other audio source at a minimum of 3/4 of full volume.

    Many modern TVs, home theater, and stereo receivers do not have a simple output jack for headphones. Instead they have a limited volume audio output set of RCA style jacks. The sound coming out of them is set to a low volume that cannot be increased using your remote's volume controls. If the audio source device (TV, receiver, computer, etc.) is connected to the wireless speaker transmitter through the audio out port and there is no audio signal from the transmitter to the speaker(s), an inline headphone amplifier will increase the signal strength from the source to the transmitter. Cables Unlimited recommends the Boostaroo amplifier at Please click here to review.

    Please note:
    Low or distorted sound on speakers or with a transmitter powered by batteries can be caused by batteries that are discharged or have low capacity. Test by removing batteries and connecting the AC power adapter, or using a fresh set of batteries.

    • Operating Distance: Up to 150 feet.
    • Speaker Design: 2-way
    • Frequency: 900MHz.
    • Output Power: 15Watts RMS, 100Watts PMPO
    • Frequency Response: 40Hz-12KHz S/N Radio: 65dB
    • Voltage: Transmitter, DC 12V 150mA.
    • Speakers, Built-in Rechargeable Battery or DC 15V 1A adapter.
    • Place the speaker indoors during. 1) Rain, Hail or Heavy downpours. 2) Snow. 3) Temperatures below 14F, above 122F

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